News Archive ~ Weekend of Straw

The weekend of Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th June was the occasion of Lubenham's first Weekend of Straw.

All villagers were invited to place a scarecrow at the front of their house and many gardens were opened to visitors. Other events that took place were children's sports, tours of the bell tower, cream teas, steam engines on the green, classic cars, the school choir performed, tug of war tournament, barbecue and much more.....
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The weather did its best to make things difficult, however the village pulled together magnificently and many hardy visitors joined us to make the event a real success. Even a mindless act of vandalism which saw one scarecrow doused in petrol and set alight during the night did nothing to spoil a super occasion....
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There were also rumours and reports of a midnight scarecrow kidnapping.....
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Why not pay a virtual visit to many of the scarecrows that popped up in the village overnight, we may not have managed to capture them all but there are 72 here for you to enjoy either for the first time or once again!

A CD-ROM featuring all 72 scarecrow photographs (full size) featured on this site run as a slide show is available for £3.50 from
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The CD-ROM will run on any PC with a CD drive and features 72 full size colour photographs of this year's scarecrows. The CD runs a slideshow which allows you to dictate how long each picture is shown and transition effects.
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