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Brendan McManus | @
I am researching my local history in Ballybrittas Co.Laois. I have come across a Mr Alexander Smyton born circa 1860 in Co,Tyrone Mothers name Sarah and worked as a gamekeeper. If you have any information on him please let me know. Also for your information he shows up on the 1901 census.
26 October 2010

Beryl Green | @
My gt. gt. gt. grandmother is Janet Smyton b.1765 Coupar-Angus Scotland Peter Mitchell b.1760. Her father is David Smyton b 1739 Coupar-Angus m. Margaret Wright b. 1743 - Coupar-Angus. Does anyone have anymore information? Was this David Smyton the Minister at Kilmaurs?
1 October 2010 - Cambridgeshire

Katharine Kennedy | @
I am looking for information on the SMITON family who were living in the townland of Rough Hill, in Favor Royal, Co.Tyrone. I have a Currens SMITON from the Griffiths valuation, and two of his children were still there in the 1901/1911 census returns.
15 June 2010 - Australia

Pamela Murphy | @
I believe I'm a descendant of Deane Cobane and Ann Smyton, but I have a different marriage date- March 2, 1865. Not sure of how it fits in. Great website!
15 May 2010 - Sandy, Utah, USA

John R. Smyton Jr. | @
Great to see the family tree online.
10 April 2010 - Barboursville, WV. USA

Margaret Joan Livingstone
Hello all you Smytons, My mother was Florence Smyton married to Alan Managh. My grandfather was Robert James Smyton who was married to Letitia Anderson. They lived at Main Street, Sixmilecross. Great to see the Family Tree on line. Well done!
8 October 2009 - Newlands Farm, Enmore, Bridgwater, Somerset

Bertie Managh | @
Hello, I am Bertie Managh from 5 Crevenagh Downs, Omagh, Co Tyrone. My grandfather was Robert James Smyton from Main Street, Sixmilecross and my mother was Florence Smyton married to Alan Managh. Delighted with with Family Tree.
8 October 2009 - 5 Crevenagh Downs, Omagh, Co Tyrone

Julia Graham Slater | @
You guys have done a wonderful job on this site! I am the granddaughter of Adelaide Julia Smyton born in Philadelphia, PA. Would love to hear from anyone who has more info on the Philadelphia Smytons!
17 September 2009 - Moorestown, New Jersey , USA

Kathleen Mary Bradley | @
Hello, my name is Kathleen Bradley, daughter of Florence Smyton, who was married to Alan Managh. My grandfather was Robert James Smyton from Main Street Sixmilecross. He was married to Letitia Anderson.
13 September 2009 - 36 Lomond Heights, Cookstown, Co Tyrone BT80 8XW

maria mckibbin
hi My name is maria mckibbin, my mother's name was Forence Smyton -daughter of Robert James Smyton (married to Letitia Anderson). They lived at main street sixmilecross. My grandfather was from Cloughfin, Sixmilecross.
13 September 2009 - omagh co tyrone n ireland

Scott Holden | @ |
I am Scott Holden, grandson of Eric Smyton who lived in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. His father was John Smyton from Sixmilecross and his grandfather was Samuel who also lived in Sixmilecross.
5 September 2009 - Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

james walter smyton | @
i am a nephew of jeannie smyton aughentaine co tyrone, son of alexander smyton and grandson of tommy smyton both of knockmanny clogher co tyrone.if you have any connection please email me at
16 August 2009 - n ireland

cherith smyton | @
i am a daughter of james walter smyton (resident of stragole tempo co fermanagh) and granddaughter of alexander smyton(knockmanny- clogher co tyrone)
16 August 2009 - n ireland

Andrew McMurray | @ |
My Smyton family tree website back online
21 May 2009 - Northern Ireland

Liz Smyton
My father is James Smyton, and my grandfather is James Smyton as well. As far as we know he great-grandfather came here from Glasglow Scotland. My grandfather had a brother William Smyton, and their mother passed away when they were babies. My grandfather was born around 1912.
13 April 2009 - Buffalo, NY

Kelli Smyton | @
I am the daughter of John Robert Smyton Jr. and the granddaughter of John Robert Smyton Sr.
13 April 2009 - georgia

Maureen Helmersen | @ | none
I would like to contact Aleata May regarding our common family connection with the Martha Smyton and Henry Giles family listed in the 1851 Canadia East census.
13 January 2007 - I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Colleen Smyton McColeman | @
I am Colleen, daughter of Robert (Hector), brother of John (Jackie) Smyton, cousin of Chris & Richard. My dad passed away in 1989 and is missed more than words can say by my brother, Paul, myself and our mum, Joan. I have one son, named after my dad and born on my dad's birthday, November 1. His name is Robert Paul McColeman. He is 11 years old. We live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (close to Toronto). 'Smyton' is an extremely rare surname. I only wish that I was able to know my Irish relatives better!
21 February 2006 - Ontario, Canada

Herbie Smyton | @
My father was Thomas Smyton Born in Lislane, Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in February 1916.
01 June 2004 - Portadown, Northern Ireland

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