News Archive ~ Fire at G J Waller's April 2001

26th April 2001

Today there was a major fire at G J Waller's hosiey factory in the centre of the village. The fire started shortly before 4:30pm and quickly spread throughout the building causing an estimated £500 000 worth of damage to stock and machinary.

G J Waller's is housed in the 150 year old old stable block of Tower House. The blaze is believed to have started on the first floor at the front of the building, possibly by a yarn winding machine seizing.

The fire was tended by several engines and 26 fire-fighters from across South Leicestershire. They pumped water from the river, some 150 metres away.

Concerned villagers gathered to watch as fire-fighters worked hard to bring the fire under control but they were forced to retreat from the building and by 7.00pm the whole of the inside was gutted and the roof was lost.
At one point, nearby residents in Tower Court were evacuated as there were fears the fire would spread to large trees adjacent to the factory.
There is concern now in the village as to the future of the historic building.


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