News Archive ~ Village of the Year? ~ September 2001

Summoned by Diana Cook - She who Must be Obeyed seventeen representatives of village organisations assembled in the vestry last Thursday afternoon to hear Clare Filer from the Rural Community Council announce that it had decided to nominate Lubenham as the Leicestershire and Rutland entry for the Village of the Year Competition, jointly sponsored by The Daily Telegraph and Calor Gas.

The RCC had been impressed by Lubenham winning third place in the Village Venture competition, when the number and breadth of village activities was first appreciated. The new competition does not look for picture postcard, chocolate-box villages; rather, it goes beneath the surface to find out what makes the community tick and what the quality of life is like for the inhabitants.

There are five main categories in which a village can be entered: Environmental, where significant efforts have been made in this area; Business in the Community and how it thrives and inter-relates with the inhabitants; provision for Young People and whether they have a say, or are considered, in village planning; similar provision for the Elderly; and Community Life in general. It is in this last category that Lubenham has appealed to the nominators.

The village organisations are due to let Diana have short descriptions of their activities by September 7th so that the competition entry form can be submitted to the organisers by 5th October and five judges will visit Lubenharn in the last two weeks of October. We will have ready for them displays by all village groups to aid their assessment. All the awards will be presented by Prince Charles at a ceremony in London on 5th December. The overall winner will receive 5000, regional winners 1000 and there will be several other prizes of 250 for winners of separate categories.

It is, said Clare Filer, not the winning that is important (although that would be very nice): being chosen to represent the county is a matter of prestige and pride and will bring welcome attention to Lubenham by the media and the public at large.

Bill Johnston
September 2001

Village of the Year

Lubenham will be presenting its entry (prior to the visit of the judges for the village of the year competition) to the community, on Monday evening 15th October at 7:30pm - everyone is welcome to attend at The Village Hall where refreshments will be provided. The judges will be visiting the following day and will be shown the same presentation, they will also be taken on a tour of the village - visiting many of our important features. A team of bellringers will be ringing a quarter peal on that day during their visit in honour of the occasion. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this entry in any way by taking part in activities here.. It is a credit to everyone who has ever joined in community life over the years. Well done everyone!


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