Local History ~ Tower House

The interesting appearance of Tower House, next to Lubenham Church, is largely due to a former owner Jack 'Cherry' Angell, a horse racing enthusiast who celebrated his major wins by adding to the house. His most prominent addition is that of a tall tower built to commemorate his horse Alcibade winning the 1865 Grand National.

Cherry, so nicknamed because of the colour of his coaches, was a popular local figure. He was one of the finest sportsmen and horseowners in the area and enjoyed many wins. A story tells how he used to nail the horseshoes from his champions to the stable door (the stables now occupied by GJ Waller's) opposite the house.

A later occupant, the Rev. Graham Dilley, turned the house into Lubenham Vicarage. He was also a keen huntsman and took great care to preserve Cherry's winning momentoes. It is told that he had the stable door removed and hung like a picture in the house.

The house is currently being restored in private ownership.

The mound under which Alcibade was buried is close by.


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