Local History ~ St Mary's Well

At Papillon Hall, near Lubenham, close to the border with Northamptonshire, lies St Mary's Well, a few yards from the River Welland.

The site was once a Lazars house associated with Leicester Abbey and the waters, being iron-bearing, were therefore considered therapeutic.

Papillon Hall once stood on the site, until being demolished in 1950, and it was this place where a strange man, David Papillon, (1691- 1762) lived, who was reputed to have hypnotic powers, and who cast an apparent malevolent force around the hall. 'Old Parry' as he was known to the locals, claimed to have a magical well, formerly belonging to the Lazars house, and known as the 'Everlasting Well'. It was supposed to possess great medicinal value.

A stone cover bearing the Papillon coat of arms once existed over the well but a former owner took part of it away in 1908; misfortune followed and he was forced to return it.


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