Archived Feature ~ The School Hall

Lubenham School was built in 1858. Since that time accommodation has been used in a variety of ways. In Victorian times PE would have been 'drill' in the playground or even standing at the desk.

Since the 1960s schools have been built with additional 'hall space' providing wonderful facilities of gymnastic equipment such as ropes and climbing frames. Sadly, Lubenham is still languishing in the Victorian era and is the only school in the Harborough area that has such poor facilities.

Our children deserve better.

The government inspection team were not impressed with the accommodation for PE either and so now staff, children, parents and governors are putting pressure on the LEA to build the school a hall which will also allow them to hold assemblies and other large school events such as concerts.

Lubenham school has many talented children, but the crowded environment means that unlike the vast majority of schools they have to make do in conditions that are not akin to the 21st Century.

Education is the whole please support the school in building a new hall so that children can fulfill all their potential. Lubenham deserves it.

Ros Dunmore
Headteacher Lubenham School
April 2001


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