Archived Feature ~ Lubenham's Millennium Bell

The last time a new bell was ordered for our church was in 1723, when the sum of three shillings was spent on consultations with "Nabours who confermd the bargin to have the Bells rund", writes Claire Johnson. The cost of the bell at that time was 22.00 - of which the ringer and "Nabours" spent ten shillings, most probably on beer!

There are currently five bells in the All Saints Tower (with room for a total of eight), and for many years the ringers have wanted to add a sixth. The advent of the new millennium gave a focus to achieving this aim, and the new bell is currently being cast by a firm in Holland. The total cost of having the bell cast, tuned, delivered and installed is 7,900, but using local skilled labour - which has been offered free of charge - should save some 700.

The existing bells will all have to be brought down before the new one can be installed. This will be a superb, once in a lifetime, opportunity to see all our ancient bells together and we will let you know when this is to take place. We hope to have all the bells back in place during the year 2001 so that we can properly celebrate the beginning of the 21st century.

We still need another 4000.00 to pay for the casting and installation of the new bell for the millennium, and have several fund raising ideas in mind.

As a result of the recent sponsored quarter peal ring of Bob doubles and Grandsire, we are now 300.00 closer our target thanks to our generous sponsors. Patrick Biggs the treble to his first quarter and Kate Handy rang inside on the second bell. This was Kate's first attempt at quarter peal ringing on this bell. The quarter peal involves one thousand, two hundred and sixty changes.

Have you ever thought of coming to join the bellringers, instead of sitting at home and enjoying the sound? We always welcome new ringers, regardless of age and experience: at the moment, one of our number is just seven years old, and the age range goes right up to 84! We practise every other Wednesday evening; next time you hear the bells, let them draw you along to the church to find out more.

From an article in the
Lubenham Newsletter January 2001


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