Main Street

Along Main Street you will see many imposing and historic buildings.

This impressive house was built in the late 19th century by Joshua Perkins, a local manufacturer and grazier. His manufactory was in School Lane.

The 'White House' is a 17th century house, re-built in the 18th century.

'The Old Forge' and Smith's cottage. The old smithy dates from c.1800.

The War Memorial

The Coach and Horses Inn.
This historic building has a long ironstone front dated 1700. In 1816 the inn had two projecting wings at the back.

The Paget Arms, a former inn, dates from the middle 19th century. Its large forecourt was probably for use when meets were held in the village. It closed its doors in 1961.
(Records show that in 1820 an inn called the 'Red Cow' was also in existence.)

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