Lubenham Village Colouring Sheets
The House that Jack Built
The Church
Tower House
The School

Would you like your work to appear in our Gallery? Maybe a picture, poem or story? Drop it into the school office and we will feature it here.
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Tile Puzzle
Here's a wonderful interactive puzzle designed
by ex-Lubenhamite Andrea Gilbert. It appeared in
its original form in the Lubenham Newsletter circa 1982.
Its new hi-tech version is here to play online and is
quite a challenge at four difficulty levels!
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Lubenham Jigsaws
Can you piece together these jigsaws of Lubenham landmarks?
Various levels of difficulty to challenge you.
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Picture Challenge
How well do you know our village?
Can you identify these Lubenham landmarks?
Try our online quiz and see if you can score 100% and enter our Top Ten!
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Lubenham's Mr Potato Head
Look at familiar Lubenham faces in a whole new light! Geoff, ex-landlord of The Coach and Horses is our first volunteer to be given the Mr Potato Head treatment along with some locally grown produce..any more volunteers?
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Hall of Mirrors
Amuse your friends and family by distorting their faces in lubenham.org.uk's Hall of Mirrors. We are looking for Lubenham faces to feature! The Coach and Horses' ex-landlord Geoff is our current victim!
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Who Wants to be a Lubenham Millionnaire?
Play our own online version of the general knowledge quiz 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire' complete with lifelines.
How much can you win?
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Your Contributions
We would welcome contributions to this page....
letters, jokes, drawings, puzzles, stories etc.
Please mail directly to diversions@lubenham.org.uk
or contact us to come and collect your work.