Local History ~ Lubenham Profile 1998

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The resident population of Lubenham in mid 1998 was 1700 people, 2 per cent of the population of Harborough local authority. 18 percent of Lubenhamís population in mid 1998 were aged under 16, 63 per cent were aged between 16 and 59 and 19 per cent were aged 60 and over. This compares with 21, 60 and 20 per cent respectively for Harborough as a whole.

Vital Statistics:
A total of 14 live births to mothers usually resident in Lubenham and 16 deaths of residents of this ward were registered in 1998. These represented crude rates of 8 births and 9 deaths per thousand residents compared with 11 and 9 respectively across the whole of Harborough local authority.

Employee Jobs:
There were 600 employee jobs in Lubenham at September 1998, 2 per cent of the Harborough total. Income Support: In August 1998 there were 55 Income Support claimants in Lubenham. This represents 4 per cent of the resident population aged 16 or over. For Harborough the proportion was 4 per cent compared with an average of 8 per cent for Great Britain overall.

Indices of Deprivation:
The Indices of Deprivation 2000 (with rank 1 being the most deprived ward in England) gave Lubenham the rank of 5978 out of a total of 8414 English wards.

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